In 1927 Grandpa Zadok Habura purchased the land and built the house at Rabbi Meir Street 26, where the Habura family was born and raised, in the “Kerem Hatemanim” district in Tel Aviv.
Our mother Sara’s cooking was savored and the idea of turning the house into a restaurant was born.
Our youngest brother resembled “Maganda”, the leading actor of an African movie playing at the time and was nicknamed
Maganda. In 1965 the restaurant opened its doors under the management of all the brothers and we named it after our youngest brother “Maganda”.

The scrumptious scents from the kitchen which began in 1965 and still fill the air now, attract diners from all over the country and the world to savor the dishes that haven’t changed since then.

The “Maganda” restaurant is known for its active part in raising the moral during periods Israel was at war, as the old saying goes “an army marches on its stomach”.
This is just a short glimpse of Maganda’s role in supporting the brave soldiers of the Israeli and American army